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Welcome to Orillia Dodge Mod Shop, your ultimate destination for vehicle upfitting!

At Orillia Dodge Mod Shop, we are passionate about transforming your vehicle into a bold style and performance statement. Whether you want to elevate your ride with a rugged lift kit, make a statement with oversized tires, or add flair with custom rims, we have got you covered.

Our shop specializes in a wide array of modifications:


- Lift Kits: Elevate your vehicle's presence and capability with our high-quality lift kits. They are perfect for off-road enthusiasts or anyone looking to stand out.



- Oversized Tires: Get ready to tackle any terrain confidently. Our oversized tires enhance your vehicle's appearance and improve traction and performance.



- Custom Rims: Add a touch of personal style to your vehicle with our selection of custom rims. Find the perfect match for your ride, from sleek and modern to bold and rugged.



- Vehicle Wraps: Transform your vehicle's appearance with our custom wraps. Whether it's for business branding or personal expression, our wraps are durable, high-quality, and completely customizable.



At Orillia Dodge Mod Shop, we are committed to providing top-notch service and expert installation. Our skilled professionals are dedicated to ensuring your vehicle is fitted to your exact specifications and satisfaction.



Visit us today, and let's start creating your dream ride!